User-Defined Storage.

Get full control over you stored data. With Vawlt you can create multiple data volumes with different characteristics (e.g. price, performance, compliance, etc.) in the same deployment. For each volume you can define its storage requirements and Vawlt will find the best cloud providers and storage techniques to successfully fulfil them.

One System, Multiple workloads, Multiple Interfaces.

Get optimised data storage in the cloud for every workload within your company. Vawlt speaks many languages so it can be smoothly installed in any setup your company currently runs without any disruption.

A Bundle of benefits for any chosen deployment.


Encryption protocol ensures no one, except the users, can read their files.


Stored data is available at all times, even if Vawlt, or any of the cloud providers, are down.


System operation requires less management effort.


Unlimited and automatically adaptive storage space.


Pay-as-you-go business model and user-defined storage allows costs proportional to usage.


Each cloud provider only stores part of the data so you are not subject to eventual vendor lock-in.

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