FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored using the object storage services of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform (cloud providers). Contrary to most storage services in the market, with Vawlt your data is never stored in our servers, neither goes through our servers, either.

Why do I need to install a software to use your service?

In order to increase your privacy, by locally performing operations like encrypting and sending/receiving data to/from the cloud providers.

Why can’t I see and share my files using the browser?

It is a tradeoff between usability and security. To show your files in a browser our server would have to access your files and this is not possible by design. Your files travel directly from your machine to the cloud providers, and vice-versa.

How can I access my files remotely?

You can install Vawlt in several computers and always log in with your account. We are working hard on our mobile apps and will let you know as soon as they are ready.

Can I share a folder with another Vawlt user?

Yes, you can. On your local computer, go to Vawlt folder and create a new one inside. Then, right click on the folder and go to Vawlt >> Share to add one, or more, members to this folder.

Can I create the folder first, put some content inside and only then add users?

No, you can’t. For security reasons, the current version of the system is designed in such a way that a new share needs to start with an empty folder (directory). After the first user is added to the folder, you can populate the folder with content and add more users to it.

Can I recover a file that I have deleted in my Vawlt?

No, you can’t. For your security, the system does not allow that. When you try to delete a file you will get a warning asking you to confirm that you want to permanently delete such file. If you confirm, the file is deleted forever.

What happens if a file is deleted by me or someone I am sharing the folder with?

The file is deleted for every user sharing the folder and there is no way back so please be cautious when doing that.

How can I recover my password?

We do not keep your password but we can help you setting a new one in case you lose it. When you first log in, we provide you with a unique code that you need to keep in a safe place. If you lose your password, we will ask you for that code and with that you can define a new password.