Hello world!

After several months of stealthy hard work, we are finally ready to give you Vawlt, your data’s safe.

The whole adventure started more than 10 years ago, an academic R&D endeavor that sparkled the attention of our peers but also of the European Commission that trusted us with 2 very competitive H2020 grants. And this is how our core system came to life.

We were so thrilled with the results and the potential of what we have just built that in early 2017 we decided to productise it, and a new adventure has begun.

The journey has been amazing and finally, we can show you our first product (oh, yes, there is still much more to come!): the most secure and private way to store and share your files. “Wow, that is a big claim!”, I bet you are thinking right now (maybe with a stronger wording). Let’s do it like this: we present our arguments and you decide for yourself. Deal?

  1. We encrypt every file you place inside your Vawlt, in your computer, using AES256 and RSA2048;
  2. We break the encrypted files into chunks and send each chunk to a mainstream cloud provider (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM);
  3. Each chunk is meaningless on its own, meaning a provider is allowed to be compromised (hacked, snooped, you name it);
  4. Our server plays no main role in this setup: we DO NOT store your encryption keys there, and your data DOES NOT go through our servers either — it goes directly from your computer to the cloud providers, and vice-versa.
  5. In case any of the cloud providers is down, you will not feel it, because we only need 2 providers for you to rebuild your data.

Not convinced yet? Well, maybe you need to give it a try. We invite you to create an account and give us your comments and suggestions. After all, You are the reason we made this happen, and from now on, Vawlt is no longer ours, but yours.

See you soon.

Vawlt Team