We celebrate Data Protection Day (Privacy Day, if you’re outside Europe) by launching the private beta of our dynamic storage platform — a simple, yet powerful, tool to help companies store data securely and privately in multiple cloud providers.

Our goal: to simplify, secure, and optimise your cloud journey.

We give you encryption, even if you don’t know how, or don’t want to manage your keys. We give you the cloud, even if you’re not cloud-savvy and don’t want to create and manage accounts in several cloud providers. One login, one platform, one bill. Seamless data security, access to multiple cloud providers.

It’s private because we are only giving access to a selected group of companies. It’s beta because we want to build our product based on our customers’ actual needs and feedback, so when we launch to the rest of the world we are closer to addressing your most pressing pains.

European companies are working on their cybersecurity strategy but still only 38% use encryption for data and documents. The outcome is not good: last year, fines for European privacy breaches have reached 114 million Euros.

We want to help you never to be part of such lists, so if you would like to be in the front row and start testing our platform, just let us know!

About this day: On 26 April 2006, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided to launch a Data Protection Day, to be celebrated each year on 28 January. This date corresponds to the anniversary of the opening for signature of the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 for the Protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data which has been for over 30 years a cornerstone of data protection, in Europe and beyond. Data Protection Day is now celebrated globally and is called the “Privacy Day” outside Europe. (Source)