Last time I wrote a post, I could not imagine the World as we see it today. No one could. I sincerely hope you and your close ones are safe.

We have been quite busy these couple of months and we are even more committed to delivering this tool so companies can start using it and reducing their storage costs.

After fine tuning our remote work routines, we decided to get our hands dirtier than expected and tweaked our “engine” to get you more performance while using Vawlt. We are really excited with the results.

We have unlocked 2 enterprise-grade storage interfaces (NFS, S3-API), so you can start using Vawlt without changing your existing architecture. This will allow you to give Vawlt a try for your backups or archiving workloads, just by changing the storage end-point.

Für file syncing and sharing, we have also upgraded your Vawlt experience. Not only have we made some “under the hood” improvements resulting in a more stable version of our desktop apps, but we have also made them more work-friendly, by enabling folder sharing with other Vawlt users (existing or new); file versioning that allows you to navigate to a different version of a file inside a Hot volume; and file fetching which is a very cool and simple way of retrieving files from an Archival volume with only a click (or one CLI command).

We have made some short videos to show you how seamless it is. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Bruno (Co-founder, CEO)