The most secure and private way to
store and share files.

A simple solution
backed by a
complex multicloud

  1. Every file placed inside a special folder
    is encrypted and broken in blocks.
  2. Blocks are sent to different clouds (AWS,
    Azure, Google Cloud) and redundantly stored.
  3. Any combination of 2 clouds can rebuild the original file.

Trust no one
but yourself.

Do not trust us! You don’t need to
because your files and your complete
encryption keys never touch our servers.

Do not trust the clouds! You don’t need
to because each provider only stores
an encrypted block that is a portion of
the complete file.

Not convinced yet?

Fault proof

Vawlt tolerates the fault of
any of the cloud providers
storing your data. Vawlt
even tolerates it’s own fault.

Top performance

Vawlt gets you better
performances while using
3 clouds than you have
now using only 1.

GDPR compliant

Vawlt is private by design
and it’s a great solution
on your road to GDPR