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What is Vawlt?

Vawlt is an all-in-one SaaS solution for data storage in a multicloud journey that simplifies the operation of multiple clouds, improves data security standards and optimises usage of storage resources. With tailor-made data volumes, your business can effectively reduce costs when a large amount of data storage is needed. Also, with fault-tolerance capacity and zero-knowledge encryption, your data is always protected, even in case of a ransomware attack.

Why choose Vawlt?

Our three main values are Simplify, Secure and Optimise. When you need to configure different storage volumes in several providers, you spend days or even weeks setting up all the required infrastructure. With our Dynamic Storage Platform, Vawlt clarifies and simplifies the process, creating one single point of access to all the providers only with a few clicks.

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If you work with different clouds and on-prem storages, it can be time-consuming to configure all the different interfaces, since each one has its own specifications.
Illustration with vawlt
Vawlt can harmonize all these different interfaces through only one platform. Choose which destinations you want your files in and Vawlt does the rest for you.

What can you do with Vawlt?

Adjusted to your needs

Create and manage volume types according to your requirements

Keep an eye on your team

Control different users’ access and permissions

Stay on top of your actions

Trace and audit user and device actions

Fitted to your architecture

Deploy volumes in several devices and access them through different interfaces

Learn about our storage destinations

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Is Vawlt suited to my business?

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Contact centres

Offload your archived phone call records and optimise costs, storing them in a multicloud solution that keeps them safe.

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Help your patients feel safer with a system that is secure by design. Store their imaging and records and easily control who has access to them.

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Law Firms

Easily guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and securely share them with your clients and coworkers. Store closed processes and older files as archival and save a lot of money.

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Backup your databases and keep your data safe from breaches and exposures. Be sure your data will always be there when you need it, with no downtimes.

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