A data storage solution for companies that value security.

Every 11 seconds, a company gets hit by ransomware. Organizations must be prepared – a cyberattack will happen, so they must ensure that their data is resilient.

Vawlt orchestrates multiple cloud providers for disaster recoverybackup, and data agility in a single storage solution, for lasting economic benefits.

2TB Archival4TB Immutable8TB Hot3TB WarmOn PremPrivate Cloud

AWS, Google or Azure? Don’t worry, you can have them all.

What is Vawlt?

Multicloud storage
done right.

Discover a one-stop shop for your data-protection-related storage requirements – disaster recovery, backup, ransomware protection, and compliance in a single solution. Protect your data easily while keeping an eye on your costs – and never worry about data loss ever again. Vawlt is here for you.

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Data types, interfaces and destinations

Adapted to you.

The days of complex configurations are now over. Instead, get a seamless edge-to-cloud storage experience with a solution that adapts itself to any application or use case. Fear not; security and cloud-scale resiliency are always there.


Designed to protect your data.

Ransomware Mitigation

Vawlt provides a lasting barrier against ransomware on any created storage volume for permanent data protection.


Even if one of the storage providers is down or compromised, your data is still secure and available.

Zero-knowledge Encryption

A truly zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption protocol ensures that only the owner has access to data contents.

Data-centric Architecture

Your data never goes through Vawlt’s servers – so information is available for you even if Vawlt is not.

Volume Types

Complete data lifecycle management in one single solution.

Create fully-customizable virtual volumes specially designed to your data requirements, and deploy them as fast as in a blink of an eye.

Minimum Retention Time


Just do the math.


Security, management and scalability for your industry.

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