Ransomware protection

Immutable data architecture is an answer to the ever-growing ransomware challenge. Businesses are increasingly falling victim to infection by software that encrypts and locks files until a ransom is paid for their return.

Be safe and save

By having an immutable file architecture, businesses can improve their defences against ransomware attacks. With Vawlt, businesses save money because there’s no need to make disruptive changes to their infrastructures.

Immutable and Archival Volume Types

At Vawlt, no matter what are the volume types, we have in place mechanisms to mitigate ransomware attacks, such as file immutability and version control.

Retention policies

In each volume, you can define a retention policy for your files. This means you can define a period when your files are still available for recovery, even if they’re deleted.



Help your patients feel safer with a system that is secure by design. Store their imaging and records and easily control who has access to them. Keep using your data center while exploring the potential of the public clouds, and being compliant.

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Financial services

Backup your databases and keep your data safe from breaches and exposures. Be sure your data will always be there when you need it, with no downtimes.

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Law firms

Easily guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and securely share them with your clients and coworkers. Store closed processes and older files as archival and save a lot of money. Help your clients on their journey to achieve regulatory compliance.

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Contact centres

Offload your archived phone call records and optimise costs, storing them in a multicloud solution that keeps them safe.

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If your small or medium business has a local on-prem storage solution (e.g NAS or a fileserver), optimise costs by moving to the cloud and protect your data against ransomware attacks.

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