Cloud enabler for legacy applications

When moving to the cloud, businesses face several challenges that are expensive to solve. When migrating applications to the cloud, it’s required that these must be rewritten to store data in an object store through a RESTful API. Vawlt’s file system enables your legacy applications to store data in the cloud without the need to write a single line of code.

Cloud-enabler for application data storage

Vawlt enables application cloud transition effortlessly, by having a file system interface that creates a virtual disk, allowing everyone to create, manage and delete files, folders and data, as they do in their everyday life.

Easy connection with legacy systems

Vawlt’s architecture simplifies your legacy application transition to the cloud. With several interfaces available, Vawlt adapts to your existing infrastructure so you can make a seamless integration to a multicloud solution, without the need to spend time and money rewriting your code.

Elastic growth

Vawlt’s multicloud solution is perfect as an extender of your local performance storage, by having a virtually infinite disk right at your fingertips. Also, with a pay-as-you-grow model, don’t expect any surprises with hidden costs.



Help your patients feel safer with a system that is secure by design. Store their imaging and records and easily control who has access to them. Keep using your data center while exploring the potential of the public clouds, and being compliant.

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Financial services

Backup your databases and keep your data safe from breaches and exposures. Be sure your data will always be there when you need it, with no downtimes.

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Law firms

Easily guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and securely share them with your clients and coworkers. Store closed processes and older files as archival and save a lot of money. Help your clients on their journey to achieve regulatory compliance.

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Contact centres

Offload your archived phone call records and optimise costs, storing them in a multicloud solution that keeps them safe.

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If your small or medium business has a local on-prem storage solution (e.g NAS or a fileserver), optimise costs by moving to the cloud and protect your data against ransomware attacks.

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