Multicloud Data Storage for Legal Organizations

Vawlt for Law Firms in a glance:

  • Protect your clients’ most sensitive data
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve security, privacy and resiliency of your organization
  • Litigate efficiently
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A solution built to meet all IT Requirements from the Legal Industry.

Additional Ransomware Protection

Protect legal documents against ransomware in any in every storage volume type you choose and ensure your business continuity.

Cost-Effective Data Archival

Reduce the cost and complexity of document archival, while meeting security requirements. With a pay-as-you-grow model, you’re free from any surprises along the way.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Offsite

Use Vawlt as a storage endpoint for your backups and quickly restore your data in an infrastructure outage or unavailability.

Why choose only one cloud when you can have them all?

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Your strongest ally for a resilient storage strategy in your company.

Learn about Vawlt Use Cases for Law Firms

Backup your Document Management System (DMS)

Store a backup of your favorite Document Management System and ensure your files are available in the event of a service outage.

Long-term Archiving

Archive inactive case files and electronic evidence to an encrypted multicloud solution designed to be secure and private.

Immutable Data Storage

Add immutability to your data protection strategy and shield your legal documents and file shares from ransomware in any volume you create.

Storage Optimization

Is your hot storage getting short? Take off some pressure from your infrastructure by moving cold data to a more cost-effective multicloud solution.

Check Vawlt’s Benefits for Law Firms

Data Sovereignty

Select the cloud providers and the geographical locations of the data centers. Ensure that your storage complies with all privacy regulations (such as GDPR or CCPA).


Vawlt enables your data to be available at all times, even if one of the clouds is unavailable or has been compromised.

Zero-knowledge End-to-end Encryption

All the data goes directly from the user, where it’s encrypted, to the different clouds without passing through Vawlt’s servers. This means that only the user has access to the stored data.

Advanced Data Protection

No matter the volume type, several mechanisms to mitigate ransomware attacks are put into place, such as file immutability and version control.

Seamless Integration

Multicloud has never been this easy – choose your favorite interface or easily add your on-prem nodes to the solution. Vawlt adapts itself to your needs and not the other way around.

Trace and Audit

Stay on track of usage, users, quotas, and volume information with a very convenient interface.

A unique solution for your data lifecycle.

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