Dynamic Storage Platform

Vawlt has a Dynamic Storage Platform where you can create the storage volumes according to your needs. There, you can define the volume types, their configuration, and select where your data is distributed.


Get an overview of your main statistics: how many volumes and users, your monthly usage and billing, activity logs and deployments.

Create Volumes

Create different volumes with several specifications. Define the volume name and description, the type most suited to your usage, storage capacity, preferred data centre locations and user access.

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User Access Control

With your account, you can add several users and grant access to different volumes you manage. You can also check the activity for each user you create and stay informed about all their actions.

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Storage Interfaces

Each volume created with Vawlt can be used with different interfaces: file system, through protocols NFS / SMB, an S3-API or FTP. When you create and configure a new volume, you can choose which interfaces you need, as well.

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Retention Policies

In each volume, you can define a retention policy for your files. This means you can define a period when your files are still available for recovery, even if they’re deleted.

Software agent

Our Dynamic Storage Platform teams up with a (very) lightweight software agent that you can install in your computer. This allows to create the virtual storage services on demand and automatically builds the data plane to be sent to the multicloud solution and interfaces you specified.

Virtual storage services on demand

The Vawlt software agent creates a virtual storage service in your computer that puts into practice all the configurations you defined in the Dynamic Storage Platform. A virtually infinite storage space ready at your disposal.

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User experience

After logging in to the software agent, all you need to do is to copy all the files to the storage service as you’d do on a regular folder in your computer. Then, automatically, they are sent through a data plane to the multicloud solution. Simple, isn’t it?

Migration process

Regardless of the data type you want to store in the multicloud solution, Vawlt has a set of tools that simplify this migration process. All you have to do is an easy setup with a few clicks and let it run as a background task. Sit back, relax and enjoy: we do all the work for you.

Volume Types

Discover Volume Types