Why choose Vawlt?

Vawlt is simple, assures safety and reliability, and is cost-efficient. Get rid of week-long configurations, by benefitting from a shallow learning curve and low time-to-value deployments. Keep your data secure, with state-of-the-art encryption and ransomware protection, while avoiding vendor lock-in at the same time. Save money by having access to a top-quality cloud service with a pay-as-you-grow model, naturally scalable to every storage workload and usage.

Simplify your multicloud journey

One login, one bill

Vawlt simplifies the billing process. Instead of having several billing accounts for each cloud provider, Vawlt has a unified billing document with all providers, in one place. Also, you’ll need only one account for creating volumes and new users, granting access to your team and to which volume they have access.


After you create and configure the volumes in the Dynamic Storage Platform, all you need to do is download the software agent, install it and provide your login credentials. You’re good to go!

Shallow learning curve

Get rid of difficult configurations of each cloud service you subscribe to – with Vawlt, all you have to do is to select the specifications of the volume you want to create and provide billing information in a (very) easy interface. As simple as it can be.

Secure your data storage

Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption

Vawlt is built with security in mind – all the data goes directly from the user, where it’s encrypted, to the different clouds without passing through Vawlt’s servers. This means that only the user has access to the stored data.


Vawlt’s data-centric architecture enables your files to be available at all times, even in case of a cloud outage or data corruption. This means that if Vawlt’s servers or/and a cloud provider is compromised, all will be just fine. Business as usual.

No vendor lock-in

Since Vawlt is a cloud-of-clouds solution, you can choose your preferred data centres, by brand or location. Keep your options open by reassuring that your business continuity doesn’t rely on a single provider.

Optimise your business costs

Tailored data volumes

Vawlt enables you to configure your storage volumes on demand according to different specifications, such as type, size, cloud location and file retention policy. In a single solution, you can have several data volumes adapted to your needs and different data lifecycles.

Cost reduction

Take advantage of a set of top-tier cloud providers, while lowering costs without compromising data storage reliability. With a pay-as-you-grow model, you’ll get a scalable solution that best suits your storage workload.

Low time-to-value

By providing an on-demand virtual storage service ready to use in a matter of minutes, Vawlt adapts itself to the customers’ specifications and is easy to integrate with both new or existing data storage strategies.

How much does Vawlt cost?

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