Help your patients feel safer with a system that is secure by design. Store their imaging and records, while easily controlling who has access to them. Keep using your data center while exploring the potential of the public clouds, and being compliant.

File storage challenges

As important digital imaging files, such as x-rays, are increasing in file size to meet quality standards, data storage needs for healthcare are also growing, escalating costs and physical infrastructures.

Pay-as-you-grow model and scalability

Vawlt can help healthcare organizations to optimise costs, ensuring data availability while being GDPR compliant. With a pay-as-you-grow model, you can scale up or down as needed, without any migration.

A reliable storage solution

Vawlt’s multicloud storage solution enables critical files to be stored most securely, by a military-grade end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. Also, its reliability is a key factor, allowing data to be accessible even if one of the clouds is compromised.

Use cases

Free infrastructure resources

With Vawlt, you can take off some pressure from your infrastructure by moving immutable or archival data to a multicloud solution that is safe by design and cheaper to run.

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Backup and disaster recovery offsite

Restore user access to files right after a system outage. Vawlt enables files and folders in your file system to be quickly restored and rebuilt from the multicloud solution, by allowing a comprehensive search throughout your volumes.

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