Backup your databases and keep your data safe from breaches and exposures. Be sure your data will always be there when you need it, with no downtimes.

Data storage with security in mind

Vawlt uses a zero-knowledge military-level end-to-end encryption, assuring that only the owner has access to file contents. All data is encrypted and signed (for privacy and integrity) at the client-side, and no keys are sent to Vawlt’s servers unencrypted.

Active archive, backup and disaster recovery

Especially in financial institutions, data protection and compliance are major subjects, so all archived data is stored in a multicloud environment, assuring no downtimes, even if one of the clouds is offline.

Aging IT infrastructure

Vawlt’s cost-effective multicloud solution can answer the pressure to move storage to the cloud, due to the growing amount of data produced every day. Vawlt interfaces also allow seamlessly legacy applications to be migrated to the cloud.

Use cases

Free infrastructure resources

With Vawlt, you can take off some pressure from your infrastructure by moving immutable or archival data to a multicloud solution that is safe by design and cheaper to run.

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Ransomware protection

Immutable data architecture is an answer to the ever-growing ransomware challenge. Businesses are increasingly falling victim to infection by software that encrypts and locks files until a ransom is paid for their return.

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