Trace and Audit

Vawlt keeps you informed about the activity in your account by recording user activity at all times. Stay on track of your usage, quotas and volume information with a very convenient interface. A solution built with simplicity in mind.

Stay on top of your metrics

Get all the information you need right when you log in: how many volumes and users are created, your monthly usage quotas and billing. With Vawlt, you can simplify your daily life by getting a single bill for all volumes and with all included providers.

Every action is recorded with logs

The Dynamic Storage Platform records every user action that takes place. From users’ logins and logouts to creating, managing and deleting users and volumes, you can keep track of each action in the platform.

Check the software agent deployments

Here you can check the devices connected to the Dynamic Storage Platform through the software agent. You can check the device name, the operating system, the IP, the user email, last activity and the number of volumes.