Vawlt Use Cases

Discover how can Vawlt provide a multicloud storage solution through a series of use cases.

File sync & share

Vawlt can be a file sync & share platform, available to your team on the go, in the most secure way. Work from anywhere through an easy interface, reassuring that your files are safe.

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Free infrastructure resources

With Vawlt, you can take off some pressure from your infrastructure by moving immutable or archival data to a multicloud solution that is safe by design and cheaper to run.

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Backup and disaster recovery offsite

Vawlt enables files and folders in your file system to be quickly restored and rebuilt from the multicloud solution, by allowing a comprehensive search throughout your volumes.

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Cloud enabler for legacy applications

Vawlt’s file system enables your legacy applications to store data in the cloud without the need to write a single line of code.

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Secure cloud gateway

If your application uses an S3-API, use Vawlt as your end-point and take advantage of the best storage solution that takes into account location, latency, budget, or compliance requirements.

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File archiving

If your workload produces a lot of data on-premises, your business can achieve cost optimization by archiving unused files in a multicloud solution, instead of using a fast and expensive storage medium.

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Ransomware protection

Immutable data architecture is an answer to the ever-growing ransomware challenge. Businesses are increasingly falling victim to infection by software that encrypts and locks files until a ransom is paid for their return.

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