Storage Interfaces

Vawlt fits your existing architecture by providing several storage interfaces to each created volume, reducing integration time and money. The default interface is the file system and you can then activate the NFS/SMB, S3-API or FTP according to your needs. Let us know if there’s a specific interface that’s critical to you.

File system

Vawlt has its file system which creates a virtual disk, allowing everyone to create, manage and delete files, folders and data, as they do in their everyday life. This interface also enables any legacy applications to be seamlessly integrated into the cloud.


Depending on your architecture and your operating system, you can choose to activate the NFS or SMB network storage protocols. You can activate the interface through the Dynamic Storage Platform, when you create and manage volumes, and deploy it with the software agent.


S3-API is the most commonly used interface in the market for object storage, so you can move to a multicloud storage setup without changing your architecture.


As an FTP server, Vawlt also offers the possibility to move files from one device to the cloud, and is scheduled in a next release. Coming soon!

Storage Destinations

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