We are a start-up from Lisbon, Portugal, founded by researchers from a very prolific R&D group – LASIGE – within the University of Lisbon. For the past years, we have been working in several technologies related to data security because we believe everyone is entitled to control and decide the destiny of their own data, companies should be more responsible in handling such valuable, and personal, assets. In May 2019, Vawlt gained traction and our company was founded.


Vawlt’s vision is to be a leading solution in the movement of data to the cloud, enabling companies to increase their security and efficiency standards without compromising their focus on the business.

Meet our team

Ricardo Mendes
Co-Founder & CEO

Cloud storage, systems dependability, software engineering, and security expert.

Tiago Oliveira
Co-Founder & CTO

Distributed systems dependability, data storage, backend, and cloud services specialist.

Alysson Bessani
Co-Founder & Tech. Advisor

Security expert with over 16 years experience on dependability, data storage, and more recently blockchain.

Bruno Santos Amaro
Product Advisor

Technology transfer and startup mentoring with a 10 year track record.

Carlos Brazão
Business Advisor

Former Managing Director at Cisco Portugal and Public Sector Lead for EMEAR.

Alain Fiocco
Business Advisor

Former Chief Technology Officer, VP of Product Management and Sr Director of R&D labs at ITT, Alcatel, Cisco and OVHcloud.

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Vawlt Technologies, S. A.
Tec Labs, Campus da FCUL,
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisbon, Portugal

+351 217 500 467

info (at)

Vawlt’s technology has evolved over the last decade with some important peer-reviewed academic publications. The article introducing the cloud-of-clouds concept is the most cited in the multicloud area. Some of the techniques used in Vawlt were also published for public appreciation and validation. Go have a look here, and here. In the R&D activities leading to Vawlt, we have partnered with some major players such as IBM Research, Philips Healthcare, Maxdata, Orange, and Sirrix AG to have constant market validation, while accomplishing the projects’ goals.