Contact centres

Offload your archived phone call records and optimise costs, storing them in a multicloud solution that keeps them safe.

Data offload and cost optimisation

By using Vawlt, you can optimise costs by moving data that is immutable or less frequently changed to a cheaper storage solution in the cloud.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are a recurrent threat, causing companies to spend a lot of money rebuilding and repairing their infrastructures. Vawlt offers an additional layer against ransomware in every volume type you choose.

Data archival

Phone call logs and database backups are a perfect example of data that can be archived in the cloud. You can use Vawlt to safely store this data in a multicloud solution while being GDPR compliant.

Use cases

File archiving

If your workload produces a lot of data on-premises, such as daily logs, your business can achieve cost optimization by archiving a large portion of unused files in a multicloud solution, instead of using an expensive storage medium.

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Ransomware protection

Immutable data architecture is an answer to the ever-growing ransomware challenge. Businesses are increasingly falling victim to infection by software that encrypts and locks files until a ransom is paid for their return.

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