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What is Vawlt?

Vawlt enables the creation of virtual storage services adapted to customers' specifications, which are easy to integrate with both new or existing data storage strategies. The data is stored in multiple cloud providers simultaneously, ensuring levels of security and reliability unmatched by any other storage solution in the market.


With only one account you can manage several users and control their access. With one bill per account, you can track your team’s usage and costs. Also, with an easy interface, you can turn days or weeks of configurations into a couple of clicks in minutes.


Our zero-knowledge architecture assures that only you - the user - have access to the files. Our fault-tolerance system enables your files to be available at all times, even in case of a cloud outage or data corruption. Even in case of a ransomware attack, your files are safe.


With tailor-made data volumes, you can choose which clouds your files go to, keeping your data sovereignty. You can choose as well the type of volume and size, so you can optimise costs and decide which solution is more suited to your needs.

Discover the key features

Dynamic Storage Platform

Software architecture built with data safety in mind

With a Dynamic Storage Platform that defines the structure of storage necessities and a software agent where the storage services are created, our architecture defines the concept of safety in a multicloud journey.

Feature Dynamic Storage Platform
feature management users

Manage several data volumes

Each with specific configurations

With Vawlt you can create any number of custom-made data volumes, each with a unique configuration and an independent price. You can choose the volume type, your preferred cloud providers, the storage locations and the storage interfaces.

Control users’ access

One account, one bill, several users

With only one access you can define which users can have access to each data volume created. You can simplify your workflow since there’s only one billing account.

feature dashboard
feature management users

Trace and audit user and device actions

Keep track of everything with logs

Vawlt logs a set of admin actions performed on a volume, such as adding and removing grantees, adjusting capacity or downloads. Also, Vawlt logs user actions like account validations, logins and last activity.

Multiple interfaces

Fitted to your architecture

Each volume created with Vawlt can be accessed in different devices, through any of the available storage interfaces to best adapt to your existing architecture, thus reducing integration time and money.

feature dashboard

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Dynamic Storage Platform

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