As a fresh startup in the market, everyone wants to know what we do, and how we do it. But people seldom ask us WHY we do it. And in today’s world, people’s opinions are so polarised, regarding so many topics, that it feels utterly paramount to understand one’s motivations before entering business with them.

At Vawlt, we believe the future will be driven by data. We believe that data belongs to people, and protecting it should be a priority. We believe any company handling personal data of any kind should be more responsible, and more serious about guaranteeing its privacy and security. We believe that data is power, and power should always be divided, rather than concentrated in any major market player.

These are the principles that guide us on our daily quests. No matter the colour, the shape, or the price of the product we end up shipping, we promise you those are the values you will find embedded in our lines of code.

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Vawlt Team