Service providers

Build new, privacy-focused, products on top of Vawlt. Stay close to your customers in their journey to the public cloud, while leveraging your own data centres. Position your cloud storage offers alongside leading cloud providers, instead of competing with them.

Data Control & Security

Vawlt is a one-stop-shop to provide multiple storage tiers to fit different market opportunities, with a data security layer unrivalled in the market. A solution built to protect the most important asset in a digital world – data.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are a recurrent threat, causing companies to spend a lot of money rebuilding and repairing their infrastructures. Vawlt offers an additional layer against ransomware in every volume type you choose.

Aging IT Infrastructure

Optimise your performance and leverage your IT structure. Vawlt’s interfaces also enable legacy applications to run in the cloud, so you can have a smooth transition to a multicloud solution without changing your infrastructure.

Use cases

Free infrastructure resources

With Vawlt, you can take off some pressure from your infrastructure by moving warm or cold data to a multicloud solution that is safe by design and cheaper to run.

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Backup and disaster recovery offsite

Restore user access to files right after a system outage. Vawlt enables files and folders in your file system to be quickly restored and rebuilt from the multicloud solution, by allowing a comprehensive search throughout your volumes.

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